Green Apple Premium Cleansing Oil

Green Apple Premium Cleansing Oil

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How it works:

Macadamia Nut Oil, Vitamin E and other natural extracts are contained in this water-soluble cleansing oil which breaks down make-up, sunscreen and environmental pollutants leaving skin fresh, supple and ready for the next phase.

Skin Types:

  • All

Directions for use:

Apply by massaging an ample amount onto dry skin.  To remove, wet fingertips with water, gently massage until the oil emulsifies and turns white.  Rinse and remove with water.  It can also be used to remove eye and lip makeup.  Not for use on eyelash extensions.

Key Ingredients:

• Macadamia Oil

Used in cosmetics as an emollient for dry skin.

 • Jojoba Oil: 

Emollient oil similar to other non-fragrant plant oils.


The miraculous essential omega 2 oil.  Secrets from the sea.

 • Tocopherol:

A naturally occurring chemical element found in a variety of foods.  It is commonly called vitamin E in a generic sense, as vitamin E substances are made up of tocopherol among other elements.